1st - This real estate represents with these existing installations a trade which exists since 1971 (Walls, bottom, great licence, authorization of opening up to 4 hours of the morning). Purchaser which wants to continue the activity can to invest in this business with all guarantees of successes, because in an industrial and tourist area like our, there is a volume of business which exists, for example with Cluses all the national banks are represented .

2eme- Each stage has its independent entries: 1 or several Lofts could be carried out, or create rooms for hosts.

3eme- In prospect more broad, while adding grounds bordering to my property, whose several hectares of meadows and wood with various slopes, sources of water, which would be with vendrent, this would adapt very well to a "Park of leisures of mountain, natural sport", plate, plans, information for realization, at disposal, contact me...

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